There are 2 types of discs available.

OEM Replacement / 1 piece discs :

We can supply you with the correct OEM replacement disc for your car that will be treated and generically slotted. In partnership with a performance pad you will feel a big improvement in your braking performance. The treating of your disc prevents long term warping as it allows the disc to handle more heat than a non-treated disc. This type of disc is perfect for road cars and the generally spirited driver.

2 piece discs ( floating and non-floating )

2 piece discs are better suited for performance cars which are more powerful than an everyday road car. As the name implies the disc is made from 2 pieces, namely, a bell/hat (Aluminum) and an outer ring (Cast Iron) which is then bolted together. All 2 piece discs are directionaly J-hoooked and treated for exceptional performance.

A floating disc is bolted together using buttons which allows the disc to “float” or have movement between the bell. This stops the disc warping under extreme temperatures due to the different expansion rate of the metals.

( picture)

A non-floating disc does not have buttons and gets bolted directly together with no movement available.

( picture)

OEM 2 piece replacement disc:

  • R35 Nissan Skyline ( Front and Rear )
  • Audi RS4 ( Front and Rear )
  • Audi RS6 ( front and rear )
  • Mercedes AMG range ( Front and Rear )
  • Opel Astra OPC-J ( Front and Rear )

Just to name a few.